J&E Automotive offers comprehensive mechanical and electrical services including the following:

Computer diagnosis

With a top-of-the-line scan tool and labscope incorporating the latest factory software, J&E can provide fast, accurate computer diagnoses. Extensive research and training allows our technicians to interpret the findings to determine the ACTUAL cause or the problem, not just a list of suspected causes that other repair facilities may generate. We strive to be true technicians, not just swap parts at your expense

Electrical diagnosis

This is an area in which we truly excel. With excellent diagnosis procedures, factory information, and extensive knowledge and training, J&E can solve the problems that leave other shops stumped. From “why doesn’t this work” to “why won’t this turn off”, we have you covered.

Mechanical services

Whether your concern is suspension and steering, brakes, engine performance or replacement, or body-mechanical, we can accomodate you needs

Preventative Maintenance

J&E provides a complete spectrum of preventive maintenance services including fluid changes, inspections, as well as…

Factory Maintenance Services!

We now offer comprehensive factory preventive maintenance services. With online access to both mileage based as well as scheduled factory service information, J&E can provide you the same services as the dealerships to ensure the continuous, reliable operation of your vehicle at a significantly reduced rate. Why wait for a problem to happen when you can prevent it?

Computer Re-Flashing

This service allows us to provide our customers with both factory program updates as well as module replacement without a trip to the dealership. We can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars with this in-house service.