Don’t let it go too long…

Here is an unfortunate but excellent example of why repairs shouldn’t be left until later. This customer was aware of a potential driveshaft problem on this vehicle for approximately 10 days. He has a busy schedule between work and family obligations, as most of us do. He was waiting to bring the vehicle in for service until a time that was a little less hectic. Before he got the car to the shop, the driveshaft failed completely.  The original repair would have cost approximately $300 at a maximum. Here are the pictures of the resulting damage with associated costs:

imagejpeg_2 (1)

imagejpeg_2 (2)

These are the pictures of the two ends of the driveshaft. The middle is missing. Replacement cost of the driveshaft is $375.

imagejpeg_2 (3)

This is a picture of the catalytic convertor. The driveshaft hit this when it came apart, gouging the side and breaking the internal structure. Replacement cost of this is $600.

And now for the big one…imagejpeg_2

This is the hole that the driveshaft knocked through the side of the transmission. Even using a salvage transmission, this is a $1500 problem.

For what was an originally a $300 problem, the customer is now having to spend $2475 in repairs.

While we as a shop don’t mind making money, we always hate to see customers spend more than they have to and be without a vehicle or have to rent a car.

The moral of the story is: Bring the vehicle in sooner rather than later, things don’t get less expensive with time. Its easier on all of us to do the faster, less expensive repair.

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